November will bring Controversy for BCS and College Football

Posted on 01 November 2009

Well, it’s about that time of year again, and one month from now I can guarantee these two things will happen.

  1. Fans of NCAA college football will feel cheated by the BCS’s cartel like assignment of the teams worthy of playing in “their” bowl games.
  2. The BCS will once again claim victory and success in getting the two best teams into the National Championship game.

History will repeat itself, guaranteed, like it has year after year.  The odds say it will repeat this year, but if not then next.  Rarely has there been a year that the stars aligned for the BCS and they have had a real argument that their system really worked.  And usually that argument is after the fact when undefeated teams that don’t get a chance to play for the championship lose their bowl game.  The BCS should be concerned with getting it right after the games are done in November, not January.

The BCS (Bowl Championship Series) is a coalition, self-appointed coalition mind you, that states the purpose of:

“match[ing] the two top-rated teams in a national championship game and to create exciting and competitive matchups between eight other highly regarded teams in four other games.” –

If I read that mission statement without knowing anything about the BCS I would think, ahh, the BCS runs the March Madness equivalent of college football.  Hardly, you must pay closer attention to what the BCS is, note the “highly regarded teams”.  It’s all about money, the haves and have-nots, and by controlling the money in college football keeping it in the desired conferences, you can also control the lack of parity.  One of the keys to college football is recruiting, and don’t think for a second that money (facilities, equipment, staff, tutors, etc.) doesn’t play a huge role.  The problem for the BCS is there have been two flies in their ointment, the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) and the Mountain West Conference (MWC) placing undefeated teams into BCS games (not the national championship) in four of the past five years (winning three of the four games played) and with a month of football left to play they each have undefeated teams that could once again join the party.  The nightmare scenario for the BCS this year is if both TCU and Boise State end the year undefeated and both likely ranked in the top 8 in the BCS polls, we shall see how things unfold.

The BCS has self promoted propaganda that is laughable at best, one argument is that the entire season is a playoff to the National Championship (BCS Doesn’t Need Intervention).  In the past 5 years there have been 4 teams that finished the year undefeated and didn’t get the chance to play for the national championship – don’t tell me the system works.

Excuses can be made why any system doesn’t work, but I find it ironic that NCAA DII and DIII have a very successful playoff system in choosing a national champion.   And yes there is history and tradition of the bowls themselves, but make them part of the solution and let them host the playoffs.  The money isn’t going to dry up and go away if the NCAA moves to a playoff system, the problem is that the cartel would lose control of where that money goes.

It’s time to break the ties between conferences and bowl games, it’s time to end the OPEC like control of college football, it’s time to institute a college football playoff system that allows the argument to be settled on the field.  Greed will eventually kill the BCS, but probably not until after many more years of failure.  The BCS could do what’s right and adopt a system that gives every team the chance to win the National Championship and divide the money fairly.  That’s right, give the George Mason’s of the world the chance to have a dream run to the final four – because in today’s arrangement Cinderella doesn’t even get an invite to the ball.

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