The Seperate but Equal Bowl

Posted on 08 December 2009

BCS Football Math

the Texas Longhorns?

Only the BCS could be dumb enough to open their annual bowl selection show by displaying advanced mathematical equations on a chalk board.  We get it, your solution has nothing to do with a football field, but rather uses a bunch of crazy algorithms averaged with human pollsters to determine the best team in the land.  Ari Fleischer, what ever the BCS is paying you, keep up the good work on the WMD like propaganda – dare I say “a playoff system will never work in college football”!

Back in early November I suggested that the nightmare scenario might hit the BCS if TCU and BSU were to run the table and complete undefeated seasons.  Little did I know the perfect storm would actually be averted by Texas winning the Big XII Championship thanks to 1 second being added back to an expired clock after an officials review (after a very bone headed and lackadaisical decision to run one last play by Brown/McCoy, et al.).  None the less, my two predictions have come true.  The BCS in all their arrogance believe they have the best two teams playing in the championship game, and maybe they do, but tell that to the other three undefeated teams that don’t get a chance to prove it on the field.  Secondly, the BCS has elected to match BSU and TCU up in the Fiesta Bowl (dubbed the separate but equal bowl), robbing these teams and the fans  a chance to measure up against the BCS’s chosen ones.

This was an interesting decision by the BCS, they could have pitted TCU and BSU against the so called powerhouse conferences to show the world how undeserving they are.  But, given the performance of non-AQ conferences in the past, the BCS has learned their lesson and they don’t want to risk both TCU and BSU going undefeated on the year.  So the safe move was to ensure only one other undefeated team, assuming Cincinatti were to lose to Florida, and rest on the fact that since they beat another non-AQ team, the winner of the Texas/Alabama game will be the national champion in everyones eyes.  This is the most chicken sh!t move I’ve seen to date from the BCS.

A good article (and hopefully book to follow) was presented by Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports debunking the absolute crap that the BCS spews out via their propaganda machine regarding the inability of a playoff system to work.  I agree with him that someday this problem will be fixed, because greed and nonsense usually lose out.  I suspect that one of the best bowl games of the year will be BSU and TCU in the Fiesta Bowl.  I also suspect that the BCS will face this very issue again next year when BSU (who lose 1 starter to graduation) and TCU (who lose 6 starters to graduation) return to the field to once again be treated as second class citizens to the BCS conferences – but this time they will not have to climb from #18 and #20 respectively in the pre-season polls to get their just dues.

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