The Fall of 2009

Posted on 13 January 2010

What I’ve learned, done, and been reminded of professionally in the last three months:

  • I’ve installed and built out 3 WordPress sites and have become quite proficient at the inner workings of WP.
  • I’ve installed and built out 2 bbPress sites and have similarly become quite proficient at the inner workings of bbPress.
  • I’ve integrated 2 bbPress and WordPress sites.
  • I’ve styled 3 WordPress and 2 bbPress sites utilizing CSS, a language I knew NOTHING about three months ago.
  • I’ve learned to leave graphic art up to graphic artists.
  • I’ve learned that Google Chrome needs to develop a tool as useful as Firebug to win over the developer world.
  • I’ve learned how fast Chrome is, and how slow Firefox is becoming.
  • I knew IE6 was shit – nothing new there.
  • I’ve styled (from a comp) a WordPress site and a bbPress site to look like one and the same.
  • I’ve fixed countless WP theme bugs and while I’m not a proficient PHP developer quite yet, I’ve learned to back track to the source of the bug.
  • I’ve learned the only real frustration I have with WordPress is the “open source nature” of plugins and themes and the compatibility issues with upgrades.
  • I’ve learned that the quality code/hours of coding ratio is a factor of 10+X  greater with a team of 2 when compared to a team of 10.
  • I’ve learned that a team of 3, maybe 4 is probably ideal.
  • I’ve been reminded of how much fun it is to build something.
  • I’ve been reminded of how nice it is to not visit an airport every week.
  • I’ve learned that most people aren’t motivated by the end of year bonus, rather a work environment where they are appreciated and can make a difference.
  • I’ve grasped how debilitating chaos, confusion, and lack of leadership can be to a company.  Luckily it’s been from an arms length.
  • I’ve realized how foolish you would be to start a corporate/personal website from scratch – the blogging and CMS tools are evolved – unless you are doing it for job security purposes.
  • I’ve been reminded of how easy it is to come up with great business ideas – and how hard it is to execute.
  • I’ve been reminded that execution wins.

I’ve neglected this site more than I should have over the past few months, partially due to the amount of time I have spent building out other sites.  The good news is that they are approaching public release and I can soon finally start talking about them.  Amidst all of this, my business partner and I have started Praxis, LLC and are working hard on our first application, HouseFly (which will go into private beta in the next 10 days).  More on that later, this post was really just aimed at reminding myself how much I’ve enjoyed the last three months.

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  • Sweet River says:

    Atta boy! I am impress on how driven you guys are and how much fun you are having. I think for most of us work is just work now, watching you guys have fun is pretty inspiring I think we all need to find careers that we can have fun at and are passionate about. Good Job!

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