Travi.sT is the personal blog of Travis Todd (me). I am a serial entrepreneur, so many of the blog topics are related in some way to that area of interest. That said, you can find some random thoughts and opinions sprinkled throughout the blog as well.

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About Travis

Born and raised on a ranch in Wyoming, I firmly believe my work ethic and entreprenurial bent were shaped there. I grew up an avid participant and fan of football, basketball, and track. In more recent years I’ve become a little more keen to sports that require much less running and contact, such as golf and hunting. I am married to a fellow native of Wyoming, so we spend a good deal of time traveling back to Wyoming for a variety of events.


University of Wyoming & University of Texas

University of Wyoming & University of Texas at Austin

I am a 2006 graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, where I received a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis on entrepreneurship from the McCombs School of Business full-time program.  Major projects included analysis and feasability studies around commercializing University of Texas technology rights – primarily focused around nanotechnology, biotechnology, and computer science and information technology.

In 1998 I received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wyoming.  My senior project involved helping a farm implement manufacturer investigate the possibility of changing their implement to be pushed infront of a tractor instead of pulled from behind – so that multiple operations could be completed in one pass as opposed to two or more passes.  The project was centered around implement design and performance.


I spent the last three and a half years working for a software development company acting in a role of Vice President of Software Development. The product was a web based user interface that allowed the client to build their business logic into the user interface, and the system integrated with the clients ERP systems such as SAP, Mincom, Maximo, or JDE. The beauty of the product was that it allowed the client to maintain a vanilla version of their ERP system (reducing substantial costs) while maintaining the business logic in the product. The not-so-beatuiful side of the product was that nobody truely installs “vanilla ERP” and because the product maintained the business logic, each implementation ended up being custom. More on that later – but issues with scalability. That job ended when the majority owner (non-involved) woke up one day and decided to fire his business partner, the guy that for all intents and purposes had built the company over the last handful of years. Lawsuits started flying, and I got out.

Prior to that I spent seven years working for a global mining company in a variety of positions, mainly utilizing my mechanical engineering background. I did a variety of project management work, maintenance planning and scheduling, plant budgetary responsibility, operations supervision, and a stint as the CMMS manager. I got to see and do a lot, one of the advantages of a large corporation. I also learned about all of the things I didn’t like about large corporations.

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